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Here at Small Paws I know that the smaller dog breeds aren't for everyone.  There are dog lovers and even some trainers that prefer the medium and large breeds - I however, love the wee guys!

With two lively Jack Russell Terriers of my own, I know how amazing (and hair wrenching!) small breeds can be.  Having just added a non-furry baby to the family, there is never a dull moment in our house!

  Using reward based training techniques, Small Paws can show you how to build focus, confidence and self control in your dog, whilst creating an unbeatable bond of trust between the two of you.

I have a thorough understanding of the science behind modern dog training techniques.  I know that all dogs can be taught without the need for aversive techniques such as lead yanking, prong/choke/shock collars, yelling or smacking, and will never use these techniques with your pet.

I always recommend that if your dog is displaying any behavioural issues, you take your dog for a full check up at your vet to rule out any medical issues or conditions, before requesting training or behavioural assistance - as ultimately if the cause is medical, this can save you time and money.

I believe in continuing education as a trainer and behaviourist, and each year I attend many seminars, workshops and conferences to ensure that I stay up to date with the latest science and techniques.

I am fully insured and Disclosure Scotland checked.

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I love the small guys!

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