Welcome to Small Paws. 

Based in Dunblane and covering Stirlingshire & Clackmannanshire, we are dedicated to helping owners of small breeds to have well adjusted family pets, and build the life you want with your dog, using simple, reward based & effective training techniques.


Small Paws specialises in working with small to medium breed dogs - in particular all breeds of terrier, pugs, french bulldogs, english bulldogs, chihuahuas, bichon frise, lhasa apso, dachshunds, miniature schnauzers, papillons, toy poodles, cockapoos, cocker spaniels, whippets and all the breeds in between!

Whether you're looking for some basic dog training, you want to strengthen the bond with your dog, or you have a more complex behaviour issue like guarding of food or objects, distress when being left alone or showing aggression to other dogs, Small Paws are here to help.

We also specialise in working with families that have just had a baby, or are expecting a new arrival soon.  We can come to your home and explain how life might change for your dog and show you simple skills that you can teach your dog, which should make those first few months less stressful for everyone.  Having a baby and a toddler myself, with 2 terriers in the house, I know how much of a worry baby - dog interactions can be.  

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